‘Street Fighter’ Guile Selling Hair Gel in Japan

Ever wanted to know the secret of ‘Street Fighter’ Guile’s landing pad like hair? Apparently it’s a lot of hair gel…but not just any hair gel…it’s Ultra Hard J-Gel! In fact the world warrior is not just a user of the gel but he’s also the spokesman of the hair product from Japanese cosmetics company Yanagiya (who also makes the Super Hard or Super Wet and Hard variety).

If you ever wanted to know how Guile first discovered the gel, the story is recounted in an interview on the J-Gel website;

It was special day when I first heard about ‘J’ for the first time. Suddenly my brother-in-law, Ken, came to me. I was just on vacation and the hair was not that fine. Rather, it was hard to get the usual look with the humidity. Ken let me know that in Japan, there is a product called Ultra Hard J-Gel.

Also apparently hair styling is really serious business for the colonel;

If the hairstyle is disturbed, I am conscious of correcting immediately. The disturbed hairstyle leads to disorder of the heart. It’s not cool.

And even in the heat of a fight Guile’s partner is the J-Gel product;

J-Gel Ultra Hard is my partner from now on. One of my skills is the somersault kick. Even doing it several times, the hairstyle was stable. Hair style is also my own heart itself.

[Source: Comic Book]

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