Star Wars Kettlebells, Slam Balls, and Yoga Mats

When you want to get as powerful as a Death Star, delts like Darth, and fit like Fett you’ll want to get these Star Wars themed workout equipment from Onnit. Gotta get in shape to look good and feel good when you put on that armor and walk in those upcoming holiday parades and troops. Nothing is more embarrassing then being out of breath after walking only a few feet or being in costume only after five minutes.

Start off with some stretching on the Han Solo Yoga Mat. Made of high quality polyurethane rubber, this reversible, non-slip mat absorbs moisture and grips great. It’s 5mm thick, 650mm wide, and 1800mm long. The mat is priced pretty reasonably at $64.95.

Do you even lift Mando? Build those muscles with these chip-resistant iron kettlebells which are available in; a 50lbs. Boba Fett, a 60lbs. Stormtrooper, and a 70lbs. Darth Vader. The Boba Fett is priced at $149.95, the Stormtrooper at $179.95, and the Darth Vader at $199.95. Get ripped like a Wookie and soon you’ll be able to rip the arms off your opponents if you lose at your favorite game.

Develop power, strength, and speed with the Death Star Slam Ball. It’s 10″ in diameter and weighs 20lbs. with the trenches and ridges helping with some additional grip to maintain control during intense workout sessions. Made of dense polyurethane rubber the ball is incredibly strong when thrown, slammed, and dropped. You can get this Death Star for just $74.95.

[Source: POPSUGAR]

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