Self-Drying ‘Back to the Future 2’ Jacket a Reality

Now that we’re getting power lacing shoes in 2016, there’s another wearable item from ‘Back to the Future 2’ that we really need. Yep, that’s right it’s the self-drying jacket that Marty wore in the movie and Falyon Wearable Tech is making that dream come true via Kickstarter for $189 (cheaper if you can grab the early bird price).

The SDJ (Self Drying Jacket) features exhaust/cooling vents, a light weight power cell, air amplifiers, a power switch, and eight pockets (for your smartphone and tablet). The water resistant and breathable jacket is ideal for those rainy days, cooling off, or when someone (like yourself) spills something on you. It comes in the special ‘Back to the Future 2’ colors, charcoal black, titanium white, metallic silver, and cobalt blue.



[Source: The RPG Pulse]

Written by: MPao

Editor-in-Chief of ‘Suit Up! Geek Out!’.

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