Old Spice Creates a New D&D Character Class

Looking to roll up a new character for your next ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ campaign? Then you’re in luck! Recently Old Spice the male grooming product manufacturers have tweeted out a link to a four page PDF which will allow players to take on the Gentleman/lady class. For those of you who play the game, it’s pretty much a buffed out bard with abilities built around their own confidence in themselves.

Their main abilities are catchphrase and punchline, which can either inspire allies or damage their opponents. And at level 20, he or she can become a being of pure energy and make ANYTHING explode…at the cost of ascending to a high plane of existence (worth it). We do want to note that this class is for the 3.5 edition of D&D and not the current 5th edition. But with a bit of work…that shouldn’t be a problem…so who wants to roll up a Gentleman?

[Source: Nerdvana]

Written by: MPao

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