Official Godzilla Store to Open in Tokyo

If you’re a fan of the King of Monsters then you’re going to want to make a pilgrimage to Japan soon. The first official Godzilla retail store is set to open in Tokyo, Japan on October 30th. The shop is going to be called Godzilla Store Tokyo and will be located in Shinjuku on the first floor of the Shinjuku Toho Building. Quite fitting because it’s the same building which has a giant Godzilla head on top of it.

The store is said that it’ll feature around five hundred Godzilla themed items for sale and some of them will be exclusive to the shop. So if you’re planning on a trip to Tokyo in the near future make sure to make the Godzilla Store Tokyo one of your stops!

[Source: Moviche]

Written by: MPao

Editor-in-Chief of ‘Suit Up! Geek Out!’.

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