Official ‘Black Panther’ Jewelry

One of the most anticipated movies of 2018 is Marvel‘s upcoming ‘Black Panther’.  Jewelry and accessory designer Douriean has released a collection of officially licensed goods based on the ‘Black Panther’ franchise. They’re just the thing to rock when you’re looking to rep the Kingdom of Wakanda and the Panther God. These items are admittedly pricey but looks to be worth the price if you’re willing the pay.

First up check out the Wakandan Panther Mask Hat which is a black snap back with the Black Panther emblem with Wakandan inscription engraved onto it. This cap will run you $166.00.

Then we have the Claw Earrings based on the deadly claws of the warrior king. These sterling silver claw earrings are also inscribed in Wakandan. A set of these will cost you $147.00.

Next up is the Claw Bracelet which reminds the wearer “that to be a true and divine leader means to have love for as well as to be of service to others.” It’s handcrafted with onyx beads and the claw is made of 100% sterling silver. The bracelet will run you $97.00.

And finally we have the centerpiece of this collection. It’s the Black Panther Ultimate Claw Necklace fit for a noble warrior king. The silver claw itself has the words “Wakanda Forever’ engraved onto it. You’ll have to pay $453.00 to rock this amazingly crafted accessory.

[Source: The Awesomer]

Written by: MPao

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