Limited Edition Guillermo del Toro X Patrón Tequila Set

While Halloween is still a couple of months away we’re already getting a bit of the spoopy. Joining in on the fun is one of the masters of horror himself, Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth) with a limited edition Patrón tequila set. Inspired by del Toro’s Mexican heritage, he has teamed up with Patrón to create something quite amazing.

Along with illustrator Guy Davis a long time collaborator of del Toro, they incorporated elements of Mexican culture with Día de los Muertos motifs in the designing of this special Patrón set which comes in two parts. The smaller part of the amber glass bottle is shaped like a skull which holds a sweet citrus liqueur, while the larger one which is designed to be the skeletal torso holds the Patrón tequila itself. These two drinks are meant to be enjoyed together. The case which holds the bottle is also an altar with two votive candles and a tile which reads “tiempo vida y madurez.” which means “long life and maturity.” The PATRÓN X GUILLERMO DEL TORO Limited Edition Set can be pre-ordered now for $475.00.

del Toro spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about this collaboration and said;

“We said, ‘Let’s do a bottle that changes the way you view tequila, that commemorates and elevates and enshrines, literally, the liquid as something that’s sacred and essential to Mexican culture.'”

[Source: Hello Giggles]

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