HOW TO: Tie a Necktie into a Bow Tie

Need a bow tie but don’t exactly have one on hand? Stylish Wizard of the Year, Recipient of Britain’s Best Dressed Wizard Award, and Order of Merlin Third Class Kevin Allen (Severus Snape and the Marauders and The New Adventures of Pinkgirl and The Scone) is here to teach you how to turn a necktie into a bow tie faster than you can say Expelliarmus without the need of a wand!

This is our first in a series of how-to videos to aid you in looking good and feeling good! Be sure to subscribe to the ‘Suit Up! Geek Out!’ YouTube channel and follow Mr. Allen on his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Also check out Allen in our recent Get Equipped! Newt Scamander by Hot Topic photoshoot.

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