Get Equipped! Crew Up with Alien Gear

While it’s great looking your best when you go out, it’s even better when you gear up together with your crew of friends. Check out Michael Nixon, Drew Hamilton, and Melinda Gross and  (pictured above from left to right) looking all kinds of fierce with looks inspired by the ‘Alien’ film franchise.

While each of these models are rocking a different look, the theme (in this case the ‘Alien’ movies) ties them all together. Hamilton here shows us how a simple hoodie can be something more when you accessorize it with the right things. In place of a pendant we simply attached the ‘Alien: Covenant’ bottle opener to the zipper tab which looks pretty awesome and useful when you need to pop open a cold one after dealing with Xenomorphs and murderous androids all day. Gross is the b-o-s-s here in a military-esque style jacket and some cute pins by 100% Soft. Really dig the nod to the movie ‘Prometheus’ with her Elizabeth Shaw cross necklace and the franchise in general with the badass Xenomorph ring. And last but not least we have Nixon looking all sorts of sharp in a gray bomber jacket, facehugger shirt, and USCSS Covenant cap. Loving that adorable little chestburster brooch by CUTEnotKAWAii, which I think ties the whole outfit together.

A number of the accessories you see used in these ensembles are from the monthly mystery box subscription service A-Box. This service provides a box full of authentic and licensed products like wearables, lifestyle products, and collectibles. Subscribing can cost you anywhere from $29 a month to $26 a month for a year! Items used in this shoot are from the ‘Alien: Covenant’ box which included the USCSS Covenant cap, facehugger shirt, ‘Alien: Covenant’ pins, and a poseable facehugger (my favorite)! And those are just a few of the things we used from the box (it was stuffed with a lot of other goodies).

Photography: Michael Pao of MPao Photography
Styling: Melinda Gross and Michael Pao
Models: Drew Hamilton, Melinda Gross, and Michael Nixon
Be sure to follow Gross and Nixon on their podcast The 1986cast where they talk about awesome movies and other geek topics.

Apparel Breakdown

Drew Hamilton
Levi 550 Jeans
Hanes ComfortBlend Shirt
Hanes Ecosmart Hoodie
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Red/White Shemagh
Various ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Alien’ Patches
Various ‘Alien: Covenant’ Pins from A-Box
‘Alien: Covenant’ Bottle Opener from A-Box

Melinda Gross
Jeans by Express
Shirt by RubyK
Utility Military Anorak Jacket by RubyK
Elizabeth Shaw Cross Necklace
Xenomorph Ring
Various ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Alien’ Patches
‘Alien’ Pins by 100% Soft
Converse High Top in White

Michael Nixon
Windbreaker Bomber Jacket by URBANCREWS
Levi 502 Jeans
‘Alien: Covenant’ Facehugger Shirt from A-Box
‘Alien: Covenant’ Baseball Cap from A-Box
Chestburster Brooch by CUTEnotKAWAii
Various ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Alien’ Patches
Various ‘Alien: Covenant’ Pins from A-Box
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Woven in Blue

‘Alien: Covenant’ Facehugger from A-Box

Written by: MPao

Editor-in-Chief of ‘Suit Up! Geek Out!’.

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