Geeky Hats From LQUIDTEK2029

If you are into hats and geeky thing, then you will enjoy these one of a kind handcrafted hats from Etsy seller LQUIDTEK.

Hybrid Agenda Star Wars Rebel Edition- Curved bill Snapback:


** Glow n the Dark Snapback**
Design Brand: DSGNR
Subject: Star Wars Rebels logo
Advanced Release: New Collection of Star Wars Series Character/ Icons/ Fighters in Glow n Dark colors designed Exclusively!!!
Canvas Selected: Royal and Heather Sports Edition Curved Bill SnapBack Adjustable cap
*Design Classification:* Exclusive Release
*Featured Release:* Star Wars Rebel Alliance logo painted 3/D in Action scene with Glow-n-Dark Streaked Attack themed background. The front side panel of the cap features “Rebels”, also in glow n dark, while the opposite side features Star Wars in themed color Glow n dark tones. The rear of the cap features our Hybrid Agenda glow n dark icon

**Design Details:*Exclusive 1 of Edition.**

Togepi Snapback Exclusive:


Brand Design: DSGNR
Subject: Togepi
Advanced Release: New Collection of Black/ White Front Summer edition Snapbacks
Canvas Selected: Black/ White Front Trainer Style Snapbsck- Adjustable
*Design Classification:* Exclusive Release
*Featured Release:* Black/ White Front SnapBack with Togepi hand painted on the front Full scale. The side trim of the cap features a Tek frame pattern design with Togepi shell design shapes in character colors. The side of the cap features a Pokemon ball, also in themed colors, with our DSGNR ” F” logo font on the opposite side.
*Design Details:* Exclusive Design Release

Versus Collection-Dark Knight Snapback- Exclusive:


Design Brand: DSGNR Versus Collection
Subject: Batman/ Dark Knight logo
Advanced Release: New Collection or Rivalry or Character Versus Character Themed Garments
Canvas Selected: Heather Grey SnapBack Adjustable
* Design Details:* Exclusive Introduction Release
* Featured Release:* Batman Dark Knight logo Handpainted 3-D with hollow interior 3-D Storm background colors- metallic alternating tones. The side of the cap features our custom Dark Knight themed lettering and the alternating side features our Exclusive tag.
* Design Classification:* Exclusive Release x 1 designed at this price.

Naruto Glow n the Dark Snapback Exclusive:


Design Brand: DSGNR
Subject: Naruto
Advanced Release: New Design Collection of Anime Art designed Snapbacks and Accessories.
Canvas Selected: Black/ Grey SnapBack- Adjustable
*Design Classification:* Exclusive design release.
*Featured Release:* Black/ Grey SnapBack with Naruto image hand drawn and painted Full scale 3-D with 3-D Glow n Dark Darts being thrown. The side of the cap features Naruto logo and name in custom designed script, while the opposite side features our Exclusive brand tag.
*Design Details:* Exclusive 1 of 1 Release.

Boba Fett Glow n Dark Camo Flexfit Set Exclusive:


** Special Collection Endorsement**FREE SHIPPING**
*New Design Brand: DSGNR/ Hybrid Agenda (Glow n Dark)
Subject: Boba Fett Bounty Hunter
Advanced Release:** New 2016-2017 Design Style with Glow n Dark Features
Canvas Selected: Unisex Mossy Oak **And**Solid Black Yupoong Flexfit ball caps.** Both Size L/ XLarge.
*Design Classification:** Exclusive Endorsement Release**
*Featured Release*: Authentic Mossy Oak Flexfit cap Custom designed with Original Concept hollow frame with 3-D Boba Fett helmet in Glow n Dark paint. The side of the cap features Mandalorian Skull logo, also in Glow n Dark paint. ** This Selection Includes a matching Yupoong Flexfit with Mandalorian Skull logo design and our Hybrid Agenda ” Scorpion series” icon in glow n dark paint with Boba Fett written in custom lettering on the rear side of the cap, opposite of DSGNR Tek Frame layout in glow. The rear and side of each cap feature our New Hybrid Agenda icon in glow n dark effects.
*Design Details:** Exclusive 1 of 1 Design set Exclusive with Special shipping Price.**

***Design Details:**Exclusive design concept. Offered in Our Endorsement listing to promote further expansion our business and increase awareness of our service. If ordered in the Endorsement set, the shipping is $0.01 in the US and Discounted for International shipments**

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