Geek Necktie’s From Etsy Shop g2n17

Tired of your plain or outdated necktie? Feel like spicing up your necktie collection? Then you will want to check out these fun geek themed neckties.

These neckties are from  from the Etsy shop g2n17, based in Indianapolis, IN. The neckties will run you right around $15 each and are all “100% satin poly Slim 2.75″ in width & 58 inches in length”

This 100% satin poly Slim 2.75″ in width & 58 inches in length, is just wide enough for business and narrow enough for casual. So, there, you can have your cake and eat it too. It is perfect for the trend setters who appreciate something a little different. The narrow width and the unique blend of colors will help emphasize your taste, whether in a casual or a professional setting.

Head over to g2n17 to grab yourself one of these, or one of their many other fun neckties.


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